Monday, October 15, 2007

Simply Amazing!

I'm sure you're wondering what could be so amazing that it would warrant a title on my little site.  Well, remember that power outage we had last week in our New York building?  Yeah, the one that happened last Thursday.  Well, we're still dealing with it today.  In fact, the issues seem to be worse today than they were on Thursday when this all happened.

As a result, my day has been tied up in dealing with users, engineers and various other factions of IT.  I haven't had much time today to even think about posting until now.  Of course my time is limited so I'll leave you with some sound advice.  If you're in IT, please, please, PLEASE have some kind of organized plan on what you're going to do if you lose power.  And no, I'm not talking about buying a UPS.  I'm talking about finding a good way to bring all your servers down and back up with as little issue as possible.  Run regular (bi yearly) power down scenarios so you can practice this.  You'll save yourself (and your customers) many headaches and possibly save the company millions of dollars.

That is all :)


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