Thursday, October 4, 2007

A New Theme

Good morning folks,

I've decided to update the theme.  While the other theme was nice and sleek, it was a bit confusing for some and difficult to navigate archived posts (even I had some trouble with it).  Over the next couple days I plan on playing around with the theme and tweaking some settings until it is configured exactly as I like it.

I'm so excited!

This weekend here in Canada we're celebrating Thanksgiving.  I've had discussions with my American friends regarding our "Thanksgiving" and I always find it comical when they ask "What do you celebrate on Thanksgiving?".  I don't feel Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate, but a time to be thankful for the things and people we have in our lives.  I am thankful for so much I couldn't list it all in one post here.  The point is, we set aside one weekend a year (both US and Canada) to be thankful; is that such a bad thing? :)


Gah.. bad habit :)

Things are starting to really get busy here at work.  We are working on some pretty major projects and my days seem to just fly by because I'm so busy.  I find I'm working more these days because I like getting lost in the work so my work day seems shorter.  I've come up with a new saying: "When life starts throwing you a bunch of curve balls, get a bigger mit".  There!

Anyway folks, time to do a little song and dance.  Hope you all have a fantastic day and evening and we'll see you here again tomorrow morning.


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