Saturday, February 28, 2015

v44.4 :: Day Late & A Dollar Short

What a week this has been.  I had a couple of days off work and then was sick for a couple of days.  I'm having a difficult time shaking this cold/flu that has been lingering for weeks now.  Just when I thought I was starting to feel better, it comes back with a vengeance a couple of days ago.  Fevers, chills, coughing and just feeling horrible all around.  I was able to drag myself into work on Friday, but by the end of the day I was feeling so delirious I'm surprised I made it home safely.

But enough about that; nobody like hearing about someone else being sick.


Since I've had quite a bit of free time this week, I was able to get in a little bit of gaming to help pass the time.  For the most part I was playing Eve since it requires less interaction than WoW.  When I was feeling up to it, I was playing a bit of WoW; mostly just working in my garrison and doing follower missions.  Overall it wasn't a very exciting gaming week for me, but I did catch up on some TV shows and re-watched Game of Thrones in anticipation for Season 5 starting in April.


Anyway folks, just a quick one today.  Hopefully this cold/flu is starting to pass and I'll be back to my regular routine soon.



Friday, February 20, 2015

v44.3 :: Eve Time

I bit the bullet and decided to reactivate my Eve Online account again.


Over the past couple weeks I've been watching a lot of YouTube videos around Eve and how things have changed.  For those of you who have played Eve Online before you are very much aware of the steep learning curve associated with the game.  The game is vast and possibilities are seamlessly endless.

One big complaint I've seen over and over again is how impossible it would be for a new player to ever achieve what a seasoned player has.  Specifically they are referring to training points which you earn as you train in the various skills available.  As your character progresses through the training queue, they acquire training points.  The more "points" you have, the more skilled you are and thus must be better at the game.  Since training points are earned in real-time, it would be impossible for a player who started today to catch up to a player who has been playing for years.  That's not to say they can't be successful in Eve; with the right corporation and friends you could easily find yourself in low-sec space within a couple of weeks of play.


I digress from my point a bit.  I've been doing a bit of research on the side to see how much the game has changed and how they've addressed the biggest complaint from new players.  It seems they are working toward it and new players to Eve will find the game enjoyable.  You may never get to the 50 million skill point level that some of the more seasoned players have, but you still stand a chance to go toe-to-toe with them.  Of course if you're looking to adventure out into low-sec space alone and you happen upon a patrol, don't expect much.  Even a seasoned player would find it difficult to survive that kind of encounter.

The morale of the story here is stay in hi-sec until you've amassed some skills.  I would also suggest heading into low-sec with a cheap ship initially to see what you're up against.  That way when your ship is destroyed you won't feel the loss as greatly as you would with your best.


For those of you who have never played Eve before and are interested in giving it a shot, there is a link to the right of the site where you can sign up for 7 days free.  This link helps me as well since I get rewards for bringing in new players; up-to and including free game time.  Think of it as a way for you to help me with my online gaming addiction :)

Until next time,


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

v44.2 :: Lok'tar Ogar

Those of you familiar with the game World of Warcraft will recognize the post title today.  For those of you who are not familiar, Lok'tar Ogar is something often heard in the game spoken by the Orcish race.  In the common (English) tongue it simply means "Victory or Death".


I have officially been playing World of Warcraft for 10 years now (on and off of course).  It's amazing when you sit and think about it.  Most people rarely do something for that long whether it be a job, a marriage or even a hobby like gaming.  I recently took a trip down memory lane when I was contacted by an old friend who sent me some screen shots of a game we used to play together (Dark Age of Camelot).  You see, it was this same friend who got me hooked on World of Warcraft and was the person who gave me my first trial key to start my addiction first account.

My friend, who we'll call Fred for now, was one of my best friends when I was living out West.  We went for coffee on a daily basis and he was a huge inspiration and example in my life.  Fred and I also gamed quite a bit together and we always had each other's back.  There were many battles, many victories and of course, many deaths throughout our gaming adventures. Whether it was just standing around town chatting or going toe to toe with the biggest and baddest monsters we could find; we always had fun and always had a good laugh the next day when we chatted about it.


So here I am, 10 years later, still hooked playing the same game I started back in February 2005.  A lot has changed over the years but the game still holds my attention (albeit a lot less these days) and every once in a while I stumble upon something I have never seen before.  I've leveled every class, profession and race to maximum level.  I won't say I've done it all, but I've definitely done my fair share of the content available, and continue to do so.

I've played various other games over the years as well.  Everything from fantasy based games like Lord of the Rings to sci-fi based games like Star Wars.  I liked them all, but none of them came close to Warcraft; all except one which came VERY close - Wildstar.


That's a story for another day :)

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

v44.1 :: Beta

We often get so wrapped up in the day-to-day that we forget to take time for ourselves.

I've let this site get away from me over the past couple years and that is something I look back on with regret.  I recall when I would post here on a daily basis and infect you with my thoughts and words.  Like everyone, I've had my good and bad days and I've let small things get to me when I should have just shrugged them off.  That said...

I've decided to give this blog another shot.

I don't expect a lot of followers.  I will do my best to ensure I post something at least once a week; whether it is a story about something I've done at work, in a game or whatever I'm thinking.  In the past the words would just come to me and I would sit at my computer for hours just writing; barely thinking about the letters I was typing.  I hope to get back to that again.

If you have suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

Until next time...

- Al