Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Good morning folks,

The gods have decided to grant us another day on this planet and therefore, have granted me another day to muse.

Oh Boy!

{slurp} <-- Couldn't resist.

I'm tired.  Last night I decided to stay up a bit later than normal and play World of Warcraft.  We gathered a team of 5 people and went into the underground water caverns known as the Slave Pens.  Normally I turn these runs down, especially when they are starting to form around 10pm.  However last night, I was feeling charged and looking forward to running this particular instance.  After a couple hours we finished and I ended up sticking around and chatting with some folks for a bit.  In the end, I think I hit my pillow at around 1am and was woken up at 4am with a page from work.

I know I know.. My fault :)

Needless to say, I ended up dragging my heels this morning, but I got the kids to school on time (as well as the kids next door) and made my way to the local gas station to fill up my vehicle (at $1.04/liter).  Something about the fall air that seems refreshing and invigorating.  Despite only getting a few hours sleep last night, I still feel like I got a full night of rest despite my eyes being sore from lack of sleep.  Strange feeling.

Well, I would like to thank ad0lph1337 for signing up on my site yesterday and posting their suggestion for my musing name.  While that was the only suggestion I received, I don't think naming my Musing "a023d432eeeffac323" is such a good idea.  Thank you though!  Now, I know there are people out there reading this and I know there are some good ideas floating around.  Don't make me come up with this all on my own :)  I'll end up using something like "The Musing" or "Musing" as a title... don't think I won't.

Anyway folks, I must hurry along and do some work.  I have about 12 hours of work to do in about  7 hours so I best get at it.  In case you are wondering about the Musing title.  I couldn't think of anything so I put that in there.  Today's math question is:

How can you do 12 hours of work in 7 hours?



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