Wednesday, April 20, 2005

v3.5 - Computers Suck

Morning Gang,


Sorry for the late late musing but some things happened this morning that wouldn''t allow me to get it out as early as I had hoped.


For starters, this will be a VERY short musing as I''m pressed for time and have a ton of work to do today. I came in this morning and had this nice long musing typed out for you, then my system locked solid and I had to power cycle the damn thing. Then, of course, I had to do a filesystem consistancy check on the thing which took quite awhile and then I got a phonecall from a fellow co-worker who wanted to meet me for coffee. I just got back now and thought I would send out a quick /wave to let you know I''m thinking of you all :)


Again, I apologize for the short quick musing and I''ll make it up to you all tomorrow ;)


Miss you already



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