Tuesday, April 12, 2005

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Morning Folks

I trust everyone had a fantastic weekend. I know mine was fairly shitty :)


Let me start off by saying I''m sorry for not getting a musing out the door yesterday. I was home sick for the morning hours (no, I''m not pregnant) and came in late. I was thinking of doing a later musing, but work got ahold of me and I never got around to it.

Anyway.. on with today''s musing!


So the weekend. Yeah. I have a problem folks and it has nothing to do with Dragons this time. No, my problem has to do with how I deal with stress (aka Work). Everyone has their own way dealing with stress. Some people don''t let it bother them, some people let it consume them. Then there are those happy people in the middle that come into work one day with a twelve gauge shotgun and blow everyone away before turning the gun on themselves. Fear not, for I have no desires to blow anyone away. However, I''m one of those people who takes the stresses of my work day home with me. I don''t bring work up at home very often, but I do let the cares and worries follow me there and they affect my mood at home. I find I''m more snappy with the family and very restless most of the time. Not a good way to be.


The solution? There is no easy solution to fix the problem. People can sit there and tell me NOT to do that and think they''ve done good by it. It is easy to sit there and tell me how I should and shouldn''t live my life; but that, my friends, is not helping me.


Help is defined as:

1. To give assistance to; aid: I helped her find the book. He helped me into my coat.
2. To contribute to the furtherance of; promote.
3. To give relief to: help the needy.
4. To ease; relieve: medication to help your cold.
5. To change for the better; improve: A fresh coat of paint will help a scarred old table.
6. To refrain from; avoid or resist. Used with can or cannot: couldn''t help laughing.
7. To wait on, as in a store or restaurant.

One could let this definition go on forever as there are many different meanings for the word help. I want to focus on definition #3 today which simply states, "To give relief to".


So many times we turn a blind eye to someone who is truly in need. There are people out there that need help and go unnoticed because they either:

a. Hide it really well


b. Appear to have everything they need therefore go unnoticed

Nobody is perfect folks and every person is a potential candidate for needing help. Take myself for example. I make decent money at my job and my wife and I have everything would could ever want (minus a house :) ). Both our kids are healthy and we live a very comfortable lifestyle. We''re not rich by any stretch, but we''re not poor either. People may look at our family and smile and turn away. Why? Because they see people who are happy and stable. On the outside it may appear this way, but on the inside one of us is crying for help. Help to manage the stresses of day-to-day work. Help to manage cash more efficiently. Help to ensure my children are taught the proper ways to handle situations so they can grow up and become respected members of our society.



Each of us displays two sides at any give time; We display our exterior and interior sides. Your exterior is the thing you wash (hopefully) daily. You do your hair, you brush your teeth, you put on nice cloths and maybe even makeup. Your exterior side is the easiest side of you to make beautiful. Then you have your interior side :) This is the side of us that is typically let out in full force at parties when you''ve had a few drinks. This is the side that either makes you funny or of bad humor. Many of us have great interior sides and that is reflected by our actions and reactions.


Of course people tend to hide their "true self" behind a preverbial mask. Take a character like Spiderman for example. While he is Peter Parker he takes on a totally different persona than when he is wearing his mask. Just like in real life we tend to put on different masks to our interior side. As an example, think of employee A at your work. Now picture employee A at work when the boss is away on business. Quick, picture employee A at work when the boss is standing around. Let me guess, you pictured two different people didn''t you?


Acute Schizophrenic Episode: Schizophrenia of abrupt onset and relatively short duration.

Oh man, I could take this in a totally different direction right now :) but I''ll leave it at that. Just don''t be surprised if you find employee A in a hospital later in life with two distinct personalities.



I apologize again for missing yesterday''s musing. I really wanted to write as I had a few things I wanted to talk about. Of course a writer''s ideas typically go in one lobe and out the other so a single thought that spawns a whole tree of ideas is sometimes lost if it isn''t written down. I think I will start carrying around a note pad with me (small one) so I can write stuff down as I go through my day. I think I shall call it, "Fuel for the Musing" :)




So this weekend in World of Warcraft. I know some of you are just dieing to know what went on. :)

Well, not a heck of a lot to be said. There were no grand adventures to be had and most of the details are fairly boring to tell. My character made level 47 this weekend which was a surprise as I wasn''t even shooting for it. I spent the majority of my weekend working on quests and farming for items and cash. My work paid off as I''m sitting around 40g right now and almost have enough of the items I need to craft a really nice item that should bring me in about 10g in one shot. I could spend the cash to buy the items I need off the auction house, but I''m all about the profit here :) I can spend about 4 silver in materials and turn around and sell the item for 10g. Not a bad trade off in my opinion.


I think for the remainder of this week I''ll continue on with my Mage character. He is currently sitting at level 17 and is just begging me to play him. He is a lot of fun and if I hardly work at it, I should hit level 20 tonight or tomorrow with him. Mages can be a LOT of fun if you know how to play them. I''ll let you know when I learn to play mine :)


Other than that, I''m still having a lot of fun with World of Warcraft. The game has proven to be better than I had initially expected. Despite the bad reviews and the so-called "cartoon" feel of the game, I am really enjoying my time online. I''m looking forward to the next content patch as it will have some new things for my Hunter and bring live the PvP Honor system (PvP rewards). This is something the community has been looking forward to for awhile now. This will change the game drastically as there will actually be a point to PvPing now :)


Well gang, I have a bit of work I need to get done this morning. I need to implement the latest and greatest version of our call tracking system and do some testing to ensure it is running stable. The new system is looking good and my personal touch on the web frontend has gotten a lot cleaner looking since the last release ;) {fingers crosseed}


Have a great day gang and remember, garbage in - garbage out.



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