Monday, April 4, 2005

v2.4 - Happy Happy Birthday

To Me


Morning Folks and Happy Monday!!

Yeah right, like Mondays are EVER happy when you have to get up after a nice weekend and go to work. Bleh!!


This past weekend I celebrated my 29th Birthday. No I don''t feel any older, and Yes I realize I am one more year from being old. Thanks for reminding me, have a good day.
Also this weekend our Pope died. Personally I don''t follow the happenings of the Catholic religion, but it was hard to miss this event in history due to the mass media coverage that swept the world. The Media is a pretty funny business when you think about it. These people are getting paid big money for finding bad (sometimes good) things happening and let you know about it. I was on my way to work this morning and on the radio I heard about a 10 year old boy who died this weekend when the swing set he was playing on collapsed on top of him. I DON''T NEED TO HEAR ABOUT THIS SHIT!! Better yet, what about those reporters out there they tell you 1/2 truths and leave out key points because of the ''ratings''? It sickens me to think there are things like this going on in our world, but then again... Darwin had a point :)
Seriously though, who the hell wants to hear about children dieing in an accident? If one of my kids died accidentially, the last thing I would want is to have it broadcasted all over the radio waves of Calgary.
I''ve also seen where the Media can play "Important" roles when there is war on conflict. Facts get twisted (sometimes a lot) and events seem more or less spectacular depending on the general public watching it. In truth, you will NEVER get the full story if you rely on media coverage. There are several events which have happened recently that I could bring up, but this is a musing and I don''t feel like pulling the facts out and laying them out to bore you. Research it for yourself.
This weekend was fairly busy. My son went over to my sister''s place for a sleep over with my niece, I bought myself a new DvD Burner with the cash my folks sent me for my Birthday and I had a little family gathering at my place yesterday to celebrate my turning of age. This raises a good question though; at what age do you stop ''celebrating'' and start ''mourning'' your birthday? :) After doing some digging on the web, I was unable to find any statistics on the subject. I can see it now, on the stage of The Family Feud.
"We asked 100 people and the Top 4 answers are on the board; At what age do you stop celebrating and start mourning your birthday?"
Hands race for the button...
Margret beats Johnny by miliseconds
She guesses "50"
It was good to see my sister, brother-in-law and niece this weekend. It has been a long while since I last saw them and able to get together for a meal and socialize. When they lived a block away, we used to get together all the time and typically a day didn''t go by where you didn''t hear from, or see one of them.
But alas, those days are gone and a new day has come.
I dinged level 44 on my Night Elf Hunter this past weekend. I''m finding the leveling getting more and more difficult with time. Of course, I don''t put hardly any effort into it, so leveling from 43 to 44 in a weeks is pretty good when you just play with no set goals in mind :) That is one thing I really like about this new game. There are so many different things to do, you are not limited to certain catagories. I pretty much gain experience in whatever I do. I can gain experience by exploring, doing quests or fighting mobs. I tend to do a bit of all 3 when I play, but this weekend was strictly helping others and trying to figure out the next step to my Leatherworking. You see, after a certain level of crafting I need to pick a specialty for my character. I have 3 choices and with each choice there is a quest involved that needs to be completed before I can be proficient in that area of craft. I''m still torn on which way I want to go so I''m going to be doing some research this week and figuring out what would be the best for my play style.
Ugh.. I do NOT want to be at work today. I would so much rather just being home and relaxing with the family. No such luck. :)
Well gang, I need to cut this short today. I was a wee bit late for work this morning and I need to get my morning checks done and such. Have a great day out there and make sure you look both ways before crossing the street. Remember, that driver may not be paying attention either. :)
{slurp} ahhh

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