Thursday, April 14, 2005

v3.1 - Terrible Thursday

Morning folks,


How is everyone doing this fine Thursday? We here in Calgary are experiencing a little light snow and it SUCKS! Luckly it is warm enough so the snow won''t sit on the roads and most of the snow that has fallen has turned into water now with the exception of a few places.


Of course, if I wanted to talk weather, I would have just given you the url for the WeatherNetwork and said goodbye. I should try that sometime :)

Alas, today you will have no such luck as I have some things I want to talk about.


First off, ever notice when you''re talking to someone and there is nothing to really talk about, your attention turns to the weather? I hear it all the time in conversations:

"Nice day today."
"Beautiful day"
"Will this snow ever end?"

and so on.

People are interesting (myself included) and I enjoy watching behavioural patterns under certain situations.

"Learned irrelevance is disrupted in first-episode but not chronic schizophrenia patients"

I was reading a webpage yesterday called ScienceDirect. More importantly I was reading about their Behavioural Brain Research and all the things people are doing with the brain these days. Even though brain research isn''t something that interestes me (professionally) I still like to read and learn. There is a saying, "Knowledge is Power" which I''m finding to be more and more true these days. I have created a repository of information which, to some, is quite useless. To me, however, I find it all very interesting. I wish I had been this research savy while I was in school ;)


When writing my musing and giving you guys facts, I tend to look the facts over before presenting them. Of course this is a musing and not a school report so I don''t provide any links (usually) or proof to you. Why is that? I''m glad you asked :) Through my musing I am attempting to teach you all things that you hopefully did not know. I''m sure you could go back through my musings and find little things here and there that you didn''t know. My goal is not to trick you or pull the preverbial wool over your eyes (interesting story there), my goal is to educate and teach. I don''t want to give you false information, but I do suggest you do a little research on your own and find out the facts for yourselves. :) Knowledge is Power my friends.


I mentioned "pulling the wool over your eyes". I wanted to fill your heads with a little useless tidbit on this saying :) For starters, think hard about what this saying means. Then think about how it ever came to being. I think you will be most surprised (if you don''t already know its origin.

For starters, Pulling the Wool over someone''s eyes is a sign of blinding or deception. Since most of us use our eyes to see (don''t ask), we tend to take things in as we see them. By having the "Wool" pulled over our eyes we are being blinded or deceived. What is the "Wool" we are talking about? If you guess a Wool Wig, you are correct!!


Way back in the 1800s people wore wigs. I won''t go into WHY people wore these wigs, maybe that will come up in another musing ;) These Wigs were typically made from wool. Of course we''ve all seen the movies where these wigs would come loose or fall all over the place. Yes, this happened back in the 1800s as well. Also back in those days there were a LOT of duels. While in battle, sometimes one of the opponents would reach up and pull the wig down over the other''s face momentairly blinding them. In most cases this would give the "Wig Puller" an advantage leading to a win. This phrase was coined as early as the year 1839. Pulling the Wool over someone''s eyes was considered very dishonorable.


Keep that in mind the next time you want to pull the wool over someone''s eyes :) Oh, and don''t wear a wig either; its unsanitary :)


Ahh yes! One more day after today and then I''m free. Free of the pain and anquish of day to day turmoil. Free to do as I please and flap my big Dragon Arms and fly away. Free to.... ahh hell, who am I kidding :) My wife''s birthday celebrations take place this weekend. Having some friends over on Saturday for a time of food, cake and fellowship. Then on Sunday we are supposidly heading over to the mom-in-law''s place. I have quite a few reserves about going over there, but I''ll leave those out of a public musing. Folks, I wa always taught to honor my father and mother based on the 10 Commandments. Before you think I''m going all biblical on you, let me first explain it so you can understand where I''m going.

First off, go find a dictionary ( will do as well) and look up the word Honor. Honor has a lot of different meanings but I''m going to go with a simple one for this: Glory or recognition; distinction.


My parents have always been there when I''ve needed them. Despite the fact I was the worst of 3 children to raise (right Mom?) :). I don''t want to come of an angel here, but I was a bad ass kid and I would look for opportunities to push my parent''s buttons. Even though I was a pain in the ass, I still loved my parents. I still "Honored" my parents because they were my parents. Parents are an interesting thing because one can only become a parent after having a child. A parent can only exsist if the child still exsists and so on. So if you''re a person without kids, you are not a parent.

A Parent is defined as:

One who begets, gives birth to, or nurtures and raises a child; a father or mother.

Pretty simple explaination and easy to relate to I''m sure. So if you''re a parent, you are already being held at a different stature. Parenthood (as I''m finding out) is not something to just shrug off. It is a lot of work and requires a lot of effort and dedication. Loving kids is also another good one to have but unfortunatly it doesn''t always work out that way.


So, coming back to what I was talking about. It is actually quite simple to Honor your Father and/or Mother. Just but simply saying they are your parents is an honor. Just but giving them recognition of their years of dedication is honoring. Hell, I''ve even honored my parents in this musing, with my own kids and my life. When a parent takes the time to say "I''m proud of you", that means YOU, my friends, are honoring THEM. You are a shining example of their work and dedication in raising you. Of course, you also are not a robot :) You have developed your own lives over the years. Parents help to lay the ground work building a foundation in your life so you have something strong to build on when you''re older. Once that foundation is set, it is awefully hard to tear it down and build it back up. This is why people say the first 5 years of a person''s life are the building blocks for the rest of their lives.

My son turns 5 in a couple weeks. Did I build a good foundation over the last 5 years? Was I a shining example of a person and did I act/react appropriatly when he was watching? Oh God NO! However I taught my son a very vaulable lesson; and one some of us should learn again. People are not perfect! I didn''t teach my son how to be perfect. I taught my son what to do when you mess up because you''re NOT perfect. I taught my son to say sorry when he does something wrong. I taught my son how to deal with people who don''t say they''re sorry or are illmannered. I taught my son how to fight (listens for all the gasps of air coming from all the parents) and I taught him WHEN to fight. You won''t find my son running out the door looking for someone to hit. You will find my son at school learning his ABCs and learning how to do basic mathmatics at the age of 4. You will find my son sitting in a class room learning how to be a member of society. And if some day a kid comes a! long and wants to put a fist in my boy''s face, I can almost guarantee that boy is going to end up on his ass wondering what the hell just happened.


Yeah, so I go a little overboard on the "preperation" of my son''s life :) Every day when I wake up I think of this:

"The first five years of MY childs life are the building blocks for the rest of their life".

My daughter is turning 3 this fall. Unfortunatly I haven''t had as much time with her as I did with my son. When you have two little ones in the house, you need to learn to share yourself with them. I know I can''t give 100% attention to just one child all the time and I''ve adapted my "teachings" based on this. I will actually use one against the other to teach them a lesson. If my daughter hits my son out of anger, I sit them down and teach them it is wrong to hit. Remember, these are the BUILDING BLOCKS for the rest of their lives. Teaching your kids something simple like not hitting other people is essential. Teaching them the stove is hot when its on is another good one. All these "lessons" we take for granted as adults need to be retaught to our offspring and then again to their offspring and so on. Keep each other safe and pass on as much as you can.


And I''ll stop there :) I get caught up in the moment when I start talking about my kids. I love them so much and I can''t imagine what my life would have been like if they hadn''t came to being. I am honored just to see them smile.


With that said, I think I may cut this musing off at this point. I think I may try and get tomorrow off if I can. This week has been brutal on my body and soul. I''m finding it very hard to concentrate and write this morning so please forgive me if this musing sounds like it was written by a 5 year old :)


Take care my friends and remember, keep your friends close but your enemies closer!



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