Tuesday, March 1, 2005

1.0 - The First Me You Sing

Good morning friends :)

Please forgive the late musing but I came in this morning to see how many I had on the list and noticed the mail list program wasn't running properly. As a result, I've upgraded to a newer version of the mail list and lost my old configuration data I had setup.


Fear not though, I should have everything reconfigured by the end of the week :)

So how was everyone's weekend? I had a pretty good weekend minus my son being sick the entire time. Couldn't really go out and do anything as we was pretty much laying down the entire weekend, so we decided we should play some WoW :) Had a lot of fun doing that and was able to get a little bit of the house work done.


All in all, not too bad of a weekend :)

YAY, this is the first edition of my Musing over Coffee by Email! You will notice in the title of the email I have included a version number as well as my witty titleing phrase. It is my goal to write one musing every work day and make the subject unique ;) Of course, it is also my goal to provide you with relatively useless content and sensless banter to begin your day.


As is customary with each musing, I must go afk for my morning smoke. I shall take my leave of you now...

{and in the blink of an eye he was gone}



Alright, I'm back and ready for action!!

You know, this sort of reminds me of a time when Katie and I lived downtown. We lived in an apartment building with all our friends and family members. It was quite funny actually, like a bad episode of 'Friends' or something. My friend Drew used to write a Coffee Musing very similar to mine when he worked for IBM here in Calgary. Since we were always at someone's place every evening, we decided one day we would start up Super Hero names. I won't go into to much depth, but I can give you a few examples of what we came up with :)

Me - Mini Wheat (explaination below)
Katie - Bitter Mimik
Drew - Dangerboy

We would sometimes have an 'adventure' and Drew would write about it in a coffee musing the next morning. I used to really enjoy getting those musings, and I hope I can create a similar feel for you guys with mine :)


Anyway, the reason I was called MINI WHEAT is quite funny. We were sitting around Drew's apartment one day, and I was on the couch with a box of Mini Wheats. This was during the time we were all coming up with our Super Hero names. I believe it was Katie's sister (Erin aka Saleschick) who made the comment about my fun loving side and my evil nutritious side :) I ended up chasing her around the apartment as the Evil Nutritious Mini Wheat and then would jump up and turn around and be the Fun loving Sweet side :)

oh man, the memories.



For those of you I game with or have gamed with in the past, fear not for I will still talk about games. :)

So I dinged level 33 on my Dark Elf Hunter this weekend and am 3/4 of the way through that level to 34. I'm still having a LOT of fun playing WoW (World of Warcraft) and I can't see myself leaving for any reason. So far, the top issues I have with the game are:

1) Lag. Although no where near as bad as DAoC can be, it is still an issue and ranks #1 on my list of dislikes.

2) Unique Characters. Yes, this does bother me a little bit as I hate looking like everyone else out there. The character customization for WoW is fairly basic (for now). Since people move through the world in pretty much the same places, everyone gets the same quest rewards and drops. You can't dye armor in WoW (that I know of) so when you put on a vest drop, everyone wearing that vest looks the same. So if someone has collected a full suit of a certain type of armor (similar to Diablo where you could collect all the pieces to unlock certain bonuses), you look the same as someone else. Minor, but I still consider it a negative.

3) Never Ending Quests. Not a bad thing, but if you want to sit down and play for a couple hours and knock of a quest, you go to the NPC who is going to finish the quest and he says something like "Oh yeah" or "I almost forgot" and the quest will continue on (similar to the DAoC epic quest system). This really isn't an issue other than the fact you end up not wanting to log off because you want to see how it ends :)

I'm really liking the game and have no desire to ever go back to DAoC EVER. Despite the above mentioned, the game surpases DAoC. Even though WoW is only a few months old, I feel it has more content and areas to explore than all 3 realms in DAoC. The game always has you guessing whats next. Katie and I have been on a few instance group raids for a bunch of quests we have been working on. WoW has 2 types of quests, Normal and Elite. Basically, Normal quests can be done solo without much difficulty. Elite quests contain elite mobs which typically will require a group to help you. Instance portals are color coded to differentiate between group and raid. Blue shimmering portals are for Group instances. That means only a maximum of 5 people can zone in and do the instance. Raid instance portals are a yellow color. The raid system in this game is the BEST I've ever seen. The raid leader has his own little gui window that shows him everything about the raid party. I love it.

{slurp} almost forgot I had coffee lol

We were able to start up Hands of God this weekend (WOOT). It brought a tear to my eye to see our friends all together with the guild tag under our names. I took some screenies which I'll be posting on my gallery within the next couple days. Oh, that reminds me:

4) Screenshots are saved in .tga format (same as DAoC when it first came out)

The guild management system in this game is the absolute best. Coming from someone who ran a guild in DAoC for about 3 years, I can really appreciate the work that went into this system. Guilds have been simplified slightly. There are only 5 possible ranks you can have. There is only ONE person as the Guild Leader. Each rank can be assigned specific tasks and ALL ranks come predefined with abilities. So when you first start the guild, your rank 1 is entitled Officers and they have full rights. Your rank 4 is entitled Initiate and has only guild see and speak rights. The rights are assigned via the guild by checking the boxes. Do you want this rank to have access to the alliance chat? Check the box that says alliance chat :) Simple and easy to understand. The feature I love the MOST about the guild system is being able to see the entire guild roster whether the person is online or not. I can promote and remove people whether they are online or not. The little things are amazing and make the game that much more enjoyable.




Ok guys, the coffee is gone and I didn't win a damn thing :) This concludes my first email Coffee Musing.



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