Monday, March 21, 2005

v1.6 - Just Another Manic Monday

Ohhhh Aohhhhh



Good morning folks! My coffee is hot, my ass is cold and the stars are in perfect alignment for today''s musing. So sit back with your cup of joe and let''s begin.



How many of you here have seen an Indiana Jones flick? I know I have seen them all several times. I currently only own them on VHS, but my plan is to eventually upgrade to DVD soon :) I was doing a little bit of reading this past week and found some interesting facts about the film ''Raiders of the Lost Ark'' that I wish to share:

Number of boas, cobras and pythons: 7,500 (ouch)
Number of tarantulas: 50 (not so bad)

Ever wonder where the name ''Indian Jones'' came from? I came from the producer George Lucas'' pet Malamute.


Trick question :) What is a Malamute? I''ll be honest and say I had no idea what it was until I looked it up. A Malamute is simply a breed of Sled Dog in Alaska. Who would have thought George Lucas would have a ''normal'' pet. I always pictured him sitting at home with his little Mongrat hopping around the house eating everything in sight. Those Mongrats are a pretty dirty pet I guess, or so I''ve heard.


So speaking of Star Wars, everyone excitied about Episode 3 coming to theaters in the next couple months? I know I am! I''m not the kind of excitied that puts up a tent outside the movie theater and waits in line dressed like a 70s Darth Vader waiting for the Luke Skywalkers of old to show up and duel me. No, I''m the kind of excitied where I''ll wait a couple weeks until after it is out and THEN go see it. You have to ask yourself; will this be the last Star Wars movie? I''m curious to see if George Lucas will go ahead and start making 7, 8 and 9 in the near future. I highly doubt it, but it may be interesting to see.


How was everyones weekend? Mine was spanky spectacular! Met up with a friend of mine (who I see everyday at work anyway) and he introduced us to his new Girl Friend (whom we will call Brandy for now). She was a real nice gal and it was good to see my friend (whom we will call Fred for now) Fred happy. He just went through a pretty nasty split up with his ex-wife and there was a lot of heated battles that I won''t go into in a public musing. He was down for quite a bit (as would be expected) and it was really nice to see him laughing and joking just like old times. Brandy and Fred play World of Warcraft with us and was ultimatly the person who made up my mind for leaving DAoC to give WoW a try. Oddly enough, he was the same person who got me to leave UO to try DAoC :) Fred and I have been friends for a long time and even though we''ve shared our ups and downs, we have always kept that friendship intact.


Other than the meeting with Fred and Brandy this weekend, I didn''t do much of anything else. We rented a steam cleaner and cleaned up some carpets as well as our couch and chair. We went for a drive yesterday because I needed 2 things:

1) Coffee

2) New Keyboard (explained below)

Pretty quiet weekend which was EXACTLY what I needed after the last couple weekends.


So, I''m sure you''re all dieing to know about the Keyboard :) Well, let me take you back to Sunday morning. I woke up and went downstairs (as I do every morning) and sat down at my computer. I click on my World of Warcraft icon and login to see what was up. The night before I had dinged 40 with my Hunter and I wanted to finish up some other things I didn''t get a chance to do the night before.


I had setup my Nostromo n52 this weekend to make gaming a little easier on my hands. I have n52 on my desk and then my mouse and keyboard on my keyboard tray. Since the n52 only has 12 keys on it, I need to switch between that and the keyboard when I want to type in chat ;) I was doing just that. Now, you all know how disoriented you can be early in the morning. I''m so used to getting up at 4:30-5:00am every day, I find it difficult to sleep in past 7am. We had stayed up and played until around 2:30am and here it was around 8am and I had been playing for about an hour. I was exploring some new areas when I went to type on the keyboard and hit my half eaten bowl of cereal. Well, the bowl was sitting perfectly on my desk right above my keyboard. My finger caught the edge of the bowl and toppled the remainder of my breakfast all over the keyboard. There were a few colorful metaphores spoken and I attempted to clean up the keyboard before any damage was done.


The keyboard worked just fine for about 30minutes and then things started going horribly wrong. I was in the middle of fighting a mob when all of a sudden my character wouldn''t stop moving. The only way I could make him stop long enough to fight was to push the directional key in the opposite direction he was stuck on. This made things difficult, but luckly my n52 was fired up and I could still control my toon (somewhat). I made it to a fairly safe place and positioned my character in such a way that would make him stuck on a wall while I inspected what was going on. I tipped the keyboard up and low and behold milk started pouring out all over my lap. Yeah, I''m a little bit angry at this point and Colorful Metaphores enter from Stage Left.


Now, for any other computer geek this would have been a minor set back. I had 3 other keyboards in the house, so I grabbed them and tried them all.

1) Keyboard 1 was destroyed by water about 4 months earlier. I forgot to throw it out. DOH

2) Keyboard 2 was attached to the server and has been sitting in the basement for about 2 years. It was covered in about an inch of dust and some other unknown junk. I didn''t want to touch it and had no desire to clean it (yet).

3) Keyboard 3 had one of the old AT connectors (not ps2 or usb) and I couldn''t find my AT to ps2 adapter for it.

Bottom line, I was without keyboard to play my game. I sat at my desk and cried for a bit (heh) and then logged out and powered off the system. What happened next was so unexpected I''m still unsure it was real. I opened the door to the outside world and saw the sun!


Luckly the keyboard I was using didn''t cost me anything and I went out and picked up a fairly cheap ($40 CND) Keyboard and Optical mouse combo which is serving me well.


Ahhh, that''s the stuff.

Well folks, time to get back to the grind here and do some work today. It was good to see a couple of my DAoC buddies in WoW this weekend. One thing about DAoC I miss the most are my friends there. The other thing is underwater fighting; but that is a topic for another musing :)


Take care my friends, and keep your sticks on the ice!



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