Wednesday, November 10, 2004

WoW Open Beta

So I signed up yesterday for the new WoW Open Beta. For those who don’t know what WoW is, sheesh :) WoW stands for World of Warcraft. Any gamer should remember the Warcraft games and how popular they were. Blizzard has come out with their first Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) entitled World of Warcraft.

All I can say is “WOW” :)

I started up a Human Warlock last night on the Beta Server 13. I made it to level 6 while casually playing for about 3-4 hours (not bad). I was able to have enough cash on my to do all my necessary training and advancements. The questing system is simply amazing in this game. If you’re used to other MMOGs and they way they do their questing; WoW will blow your mind :)

I have my little Imp pet (just like in the Single/Multiplayer Warcraft games) and him and I set out for some adventure :)

Within the span of that 3-4 hours I was reunitied with some old gaming friends from Dark Age of Camelot. I also completed about 11 quests AND I had a tour of the Alliance capital city. In WoW, it is Alliance vs. Horde. Each side has equal races/classes they can choose from, and you fight :) Similar to how the RvR aspect works in DAoC, except it is only 2 sides and they are equal. There are only 2 classes that are special to each side, all the other classes are shared.

The graphical world is stunning, the music and sounds take you in unlike any other game. The emotes are hilarious :) When you type lol, your character bursts out in laughter holding her stomach (yes, my toon is a chick). You can flirt, dance, kiss, hug, cheer, etc, etc, etc.. You even have “vocal” commands. I can do a /cheer which does a simple animation of me cheering, or I can do a /v cheer which makes my character yell out a cheer :) /v silly will make my character tell a random joke (which can be heard). Character make hand gestures and express emotions while they interact with the world. Overall, the game has so many “little things” that make you laugh :)

I was walking around the start village when I came across this oddly familiar looking character walking around. I click on him to be greeted with that familiar nazal sounding “Hello".. I nearly fell out of my chair with laughter. I watched this NPC (non player character) for a few minutes as he walked. He headed to a tree where he proceded to start chopping wood. I couldn’t believe it, it was like being inside the old Warcraft games :) After chopping wood for 30sec, the Pesant turned around with an arm full of wood and walked back to the village. As I said before, its the little things :) This toon had no purpose to the game other than to give us old Warcraft fans something to smile about.

You older players will remember how angry the characters in Warcraft would get if you kept clicking on them. Well, Blizzard has brought that over to WoW as well :) I had guards getting angry at me as I continuted to interact with them over and over :) Just for laughs I fired up an Orc player on another server to test this over interaction :) What do you think I was greeted with?? You guessed it… the famous “STOP POKING ME!!!!” :)

I urge you guys to give the game a try. Last I heard they had closed down the open beta signups, but if you get a chance to get on and take a look, please do :) If not, you will want to pick this game up and enjoy a free month of play. As with almost every other MMOG, it is a pay to play on a monthly basis.

Blizzard has an excellent track record when it comes to making games. Their attention to detail is unmatched. You can’t go wrong with a game from Blizzard :)

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