Tuesday, March 22, 2005

v1.7 - Time is Ticking Away

Morning Folks!


Hope everyone had a grand evening last night. Today''s musing is brought to you today because of a FREE COFFEE!! That''s right, I finally won a free coffee from the Tim Horton''s Roll Up The Rim contest. I''m so excited I can hardly contain it. ... ..... yeah


Ahhh, so that''s what free tastes like

So yesterday we had a customer call in who had been trying to get ahold of us for approx 8 hours. We''re not sure exactly what happened to the 1-800 line, but we''re investigating the problem. The reason I mention this is because of the way the customer reported the times she tried to call. She listed them all in GMT.


Normally I wouldn''t have even bothered bringing it up, but it brings up an interesting topic of Time Zones and why they exsist. Origionally cities would use the sun to set the time. You ended up with multimple time zones spanning across the country.


GMT simply means Greenwich Mean Time. Standard time was established in 1883 to help eliviate the issue of multiple time zones all over the world. To do this, there were lines drawn down a map of the world at every 15 degree longitude seperating the earth into 24 zones.


Think for a minute. The entire world got together and all agreed on making these time zones creating a world wide standard by which everyone would adopt and use. The entire world!

Makes one think about what the hell went wrong and why we can''t all agree anymore.


I''m feeling a wee bit schlumpy today. I am tired and lacking the energy to put forth any effort today. Of course, I will bite the bullet and suck it up so I can have a semi productive day. It is just too damn early :)


My wife and I played WoW for a little bit last night. I was able to ding 41 (weee) and knock off a few quests I''ve been sitting on for awhile. I have a ton more I need to get out of the way asap, so I think her and I will plan a time to do those soon. Unfortunatly she works for the next 3 evenings so I''ll need to find something else to do so we can do the quests together. I tried to play my Druid yesterday for a bit. I made it to level 7 and just gave up lol. I''ve been debating on which toon I''d like to play as an alt while I wait for others to catch up to my Hunter. I started playing this game a little later than my friends and I am already over 10 levels ahead of them. I feel a little bad about that, so I plan on slowing down a little bit and trying a different toon. My goal before my free trial expired was to hit level 40 (seemed almost impossible when I made it) and I''ve done that and more. At my current pace, I wouldn''t be surprised if I ended my free trial around level 43 or 44 (9 more days left).


So I''ve looked through the different types of classes I can play:

- Druid - I like the fact they can tranzform. Other than that I know very little about the toon.

- Paladin - No... DAoC has pretty much destroyed my opinion of the name Paladin and I have no desire to play one (I have a level 8 one)

- Warrior - I played on in beta and found them to be pretty much all melee. You have to build up your rage bar to perform a lot of the high dmg moves. Just not really my cup of tea anymore.

- Warlock - My Warlock is level 17 I think now. She is a lot of fun to play and I would consider my 2nd favorite class in the game (so far)

- Mage - I''m not really a caster type of person. Although I have a friend who has a level 27ish Mage. He can dish out the smack down, just can''t take it. I hate how casters can die so fast, and I do like to play a toon with a little umph.

- Priest - I dualed a priest when I was level 31 (he was level 29) and he kicked my ass. I had thought about starting one up just to see what they were all about, but I see one of my guildies constantly dieing due to pulling agro while healing. Not sure if I could handle that :) Being able to heal and res is fun, but there is very little agro control (that I''ve seen) in this game atm.

- Rogue - My rogue is level 11 and I don''t like him. My wife plays a rogue and she loves it. If I was to roll another melee toon, it would most likely be a rogue for the simple reason they closely resemble an Infiltrator, which was one of my favorite toons in DAoC.

I think that''s about it for the Alliance classes. Horde is the same except they get a Shaman vs the Paladin. I guess just by talking it out I''ve already figured which toon I''ll focus on :) Warlock it is.


Wow, this has been quite an unusual musing today. That''s ok, you guys don''t mind :) Right? Right? RIGHT?


BTW, before I sign off here. I put up a website for keeping track of all the musings. I''m tring to figure out why the calendar won''t link properly to past musings and such and it looks like it will be a little bit of a code rework to make it work the way I want it. I''ll keep you all posted, but for now you can drop by there and check it out. I will be working on the maillist code and building it into the new webpage as well so we can have a one url stop for everything regarding my Musing over Coffee. Thanks for taking the time to read :)


If you know of anyone who would enjoy my musings, feel free to direct them to the site and get them to sign up. I''m not promising anything, but I can say this is a lot of fun for me as I hope it is for you as well.


Alright, I''m outta here :) Keep your sticks on the ice and all that fun stuff.



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