Thursday, March 31, 2005

v2.2 - You have the bridge number one!

Good morning folks,


It is officially Thursday and I can''t wait until tomorrow ;)

I was a wee bit late this morning. I just couldn't seem to find the will to pull my ass out of bed this morning. The snooze button is so big and inviting like there is a big sign that says "Do Not Push".


I find it quite funny that people put up signs to save people, only to have people get hurt because they failed to follow the signs.

For example:

Johnny was walking down the sidewalk one day when he came across a nice big red sign that said "Do Not Touch Fence 1,000,000 Volts DANGER". Johnny decides there can''t possibly be that much electricity in the fence. Johnny places both hands on the fence creating the perfect conducting circuit which passes through his heart. Johnny dies from electrocution 5 inches from the aforementioned warning sign.


People do all sorts of stra.. err INTERESTING things. Look at the cartoon characters today like Peter Griffin and Homer Simpson. Those guys go the extra mile every time and we all find it hilarious to watch them. Well, I do anyway :)


So how was everyone's evening last night? Katie had to work so I was left home with my kids to play and get angry. Errr.. to play rather.

My daughter is going through her terrible two stages right now. I asked Katie the other day if we had gone through this much with our Son when he was two. Neither of us can remember a time when he was THIS bad. Other than the time he took a fit right before his third birthday and ended up breaking is leg. After that, he really calmed down and sadly started growing up so fast.


I don''t want my kids to grow up, but I also want to see them grow up and have successful lives. Planning for my children''s future has been difficult financially. I would like to provide for them until they have finished college/university so I am in the works of providing that kind of future for them. I didn''t get to go to College or University. This isn''t to say my parents didn''t have the cash but we were going through some hard times then as a family and the last thing they needed was to fork out more cash (above everything else) to pay for my education. I decided to work instead and help my mother out around the house. I remember those days very vividly and wish I could go back and fix things or do something different.


Life is life and there is no time travel (yet). :)

Speaking of time travel, I spent my evening catching up on some Enterprise episodes. I was behind 4, so I sat back after my daughter went to bed and watched them all. I heard a rumor they (the TV Network) were cancelling Enterprise due to the lack of ratings. I find it quite amazing the things they do in this show compared to the Enterprise with James T. Kirk. Seems so much more sophisticated :) Granted this has a lot to do with technology today and how much more they can do with television special effects. Enterprise always interested me due to the fact it takes you back to the beginning. My Father is a huge Star Trek fan; always has and always will be. I remember how much my mother hated when it was on because my Father zoned out and didn't want to be disturbed. I''m not exactly the same way as I can pause, rewind, etc when I watch TV so it isn't a big deal. My kids will always come first in my life so when they need me (as my daughter did quite a bit last night), I''m putting the show on pause and attending to their needs.


So the last couple episodes I watched last night were about the Klingons ;) You guys remember in the old original Star Trek series how the Klingons didn''t have the fancy ridges in their foreheads like they do today? Well, Enterprise has finally explained it for us so we can all understand :)

It seems the Klingons were performing some genetic experiments on their own kind. Basically, they were trying to make SUPER Klingons (as if they weren''t strong enough already). They used some of the research materials by the Humans (who oddly enough had also experimented with SUPER Humans) and began transforming their race.

Well, as luck would have it the super HUM.. err.. KLINGON injection was a success for awhile until one Klingon who had some kind of flu was injected which caused the flu to become genetically enhanced and contagious. Bottom line, screen your subjects prior to injecting them with super powers. :)


As a result of this new genetically enhanced flu, the Klingons were starting to develop Human characteristics (due to the Human DNA in the formula). They felt fear and lost the ridges on their face and body. In the end, the Klingons looked exactly like the humans. They kidnapped the Doctor who served aboard Enterprise and took him to their lab to work on a cure. In the end, the doctor found a cure that stopped the agent from killing the subjects. Unfortunately, most of the Klingon race would be left without their ridges ;) And THAT my friends is why Klingons have no ridges in the original series. It has nothing to do with the lack of cosmetic technology back in those days :)



Yesterday I also played WoW for a bit. I was going to log back on later in the evening but got a little side tracked and didn''t feel like logging on. Tonight though, I plan on getting some of these quests out of the way and start making some cash for a serious weapon/armor upgrade.


It is good to see so many of my friends playing this game. It reminds me a lot of the old days in DAoC. We used to have a lot of fun playing that game and now we can do it again in WoW. I did update my Screenshot Gallery recently if anyone is interested:

There isn't a lot in the way of captions, but in some cases the pictures will speak for themselves :)


Well gang, time for me to cut this off and get some work done today. You are all most exceptional hobbitses.





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