Saturday, December 4, 2010

v40.9: December 4

Howdy folks,


Let me start off by saying, Poker + Eve is a bad combination.

I'm a fan of Poker and I love playing Poker.  I miss our weekly Poker nights and and playing Poker with family and friends.  There are a lot of free online Poker sites out there but when they're free, you tend to not play the same when there is real money on the line.  Well, a certain Corporation in Eve has created an online Poker site where you buy chips with in-game Eve currency.  While in-game currency is still technically not real world money, it does have a certain value since it is required to buy things in-game.


Basically, this site has a bunch of different tables you can play at.  They range from 20-40 chips to the thousands.  A single chip costs 100,000 ISK (Eve currency) so if you're looking to buy-in on the smallest table, you're looking at a minimum of 2,000,000 ISK for 20 chips.  Last night my friend Bim and I decided to check it out (we're both avid Poker fans) and  several hours later we were still sitting at a table playing the table, Rounders style.

I don't know how much I lost (or gained) but I think I ended the night down 20 chips (or 2 million ISK).  Not bad really, not as bad as Bim who ended the night (much later than I played) down over a 100 million ISK.  There was one game where I was up over 200 chips and then a bad run of cards saw me leaving the table with nothing.  It happens.


We decorated our artificial Christmas tree last night.  It was a stressful, painful and annoying event (kids can find the oddest things to fight about), but we ended up finishing and the tree looks great, despite being fake.  I'm not a fan of the fake Christmas trees, but our apartment management doesn't allow for real ones so we had to fall back on our fake one.  Today we plan on finishing up the decorating and hopefully find a place for everything.  It didn't help that I slept until almost noon (gaming until after 3AM does that to you) and feel like I wasted half a day in bed.

Anyway folks, I hope everyone has a great Saturday and we'll see you again tomorrow.



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