Friday, March 12, 2010

v34.5: Finally it's Friday!

Good morning folks,


What a beautiful morning it is.  The forecast for today is sunny with a high of +10C (+50F).  This is also my last day of work for the next 9 days and I'm quite happy about it.


I have my extra large 1 cream from Tim Horton's, I am awake and there was only 1 email in my Inbox this morning when I got into the office.  Couple that with the other stuff above and you can plainly see it is going to be a good day for me today.  Well, I'm hoping it will be a good day anyway.


I wanted to take some time and reflect back over the past few years I've been writing Musings over Coffee.  As I've mentioned before, it wasn't originally my idea but a friend of mine who had an email list he sent a mail to every morning while he was at work.  The list started off small (a few friends and family members) and slowly grew over time.  He only stuck with it for a few months, but every morning we would all look forward to getting that email.  After he stopped writing, I decided to pick up where he left off and start my own Musing over Coffee.  I had no idea what I was doing (still don't) and here I am 5 years later still doing it.


Some facts:

  1. Originally, Musings over Coffee was written under my domain.  It wasn't until around this time in 2009 when I finally registered to house my Musings.

  2. I have been writing Musings over Coffee since March 1, 2005 when Musing over Coffee v1.0 was first published.

  3. Today's musing is v34.5 which means I've written 346 musings to-date (including this one).

  4. Total published posts to-date: 423

  5. Total comments on published posts: 286

I am unable to get a total word count but on average I would say each of my posts is around 1,000 words, so take that and multiply by 346 and you'll get approximately 346,000 words.  Of course that 1,000 is only an average, some of my posts are shorter and some are much longer; I'm sure it all evens out in the end.


Well folks, time to finish up some last minute things before my vacation starts.  I still plan on posting daily during my vacation as I sit back at home drinking my Tim Horton's coffee.  I mean, who doesn't like having time off and drinking Tim Horton's coffee? :)  Take care everyone, and I hope you all have a great weekend.