Monday, February 25, 2008

Roll up the Rim - 2008

Good Morning Folks,



I'm sure my hit volume may go up a bit today and I owe it all to my beloved Tim Horton's.  As some of you are aware I took part in the 2007 Roll up the Rim contest and recorded my winnings and losings along with the nutrition value of the coffee and my total intake for the months of the contest.  Well, I plan on taking part in the 2008 Roll up the Rim contest again this year and like last year, I plan on keeping a log of my winnings (or losings as was the case last year) so keep checking back daily for updates.  I also plan on keeping better records and totals as the contest progresses.  Rather than provide totals at the end of the contest, I'll update all totals as the days progress and ever time I drink a coffee (or shortly there after) I will record it so the site will be update constantly and daily (since I drink coffee almost every single day).


In addition to the drinking of coffee, I am making it a personal mission during the contest to post on this site every single day (yes, even weekends).  I don't know what I'm going to write about, but I'll find something :)  My posts may not come in the morning like you're used to, but they will come and they will happen every day.  I make that pledge to you now! :)


Return often to see the updates to the site.  I plan on updating the theme to make it look cleaner and easier to navigate.  Right now if you want to see the Roll up the Rim logs, you can view them through the Experiments link.  In there you will see a link to 2008 for the Roll up the Rim contest as well as the link for 2007 if you're interested in how things went last year.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice :)



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  1. Well, finally... I check this site faithfully.. waiting and waiting. Now i have something to look forward to.. hope you have better luck in RUTR 08 than you did in 07. Give the kids big hugs and kisses for me.
    I love you