Monday, October 4, 2004

Getting Cable

Cable Internet that is :)

Up until recently I’ve been a DSL subscriber with our local telephone company. I have rarely had any issues with them and their speeds have been fairly fast and consistant (or so I thought). I spoke with a friend of mine at work who has been using cable internet for a number of years and was telling about this new “Extreme” internet package. Up until last week, I was unaware the cable company provided static IP address with their internet (something I need to host). Their prices at first glace were quite disturbing, but after putting it all together and bundling it with my current cable bill, the price difference is on $2.00.

The quick and dirty:

2.5Mb Download
1Mb Upload
20Gig transfer limit/month
2 Static IP addresses

5Mb Download
1Mb Upload
40Gig transfer limit/month
2 Static IP addresses

It doesn’t look like much, but when you consider I’m at 2.5Mb right now and I’m getting (on average) 50-100KB/sec download there is a big problem. I’ve polled several friends of mine who are on cable internet and they average around 200KB/sec transfers when download. On good nights, they get 400KB/sec +

I do a lot of hosting on my system. Currently I host 11 domains and 36 websites. My need for speed is great :) The cable internet will be connected today. It will take a few days to propigate the DNS across to the new IPs. Once the switch is made, I’ll be making a phone call to my phone company and cancelling my DSL. I will be doing a lot of tests over the next few days. I want to compare the speeds and get some benchmarks down. I’ll post here when I get all the data collected :)


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