Sunday, August 22, 2010

v39.4: Musing from Mom's

Morning folks,


I'm writing to you today from my mother's house on her newly formatted Windows 7 laptop.  We've had a great weekend here this weekend though it did start off a little strange.

We drove down Friday afternoon shortly after noon.  The traffic was good and we were able to make good time which had us arriving earlier than predicted.  I wish I could say the drive was without incident though.  The first thing we noticed as we arrived in town was the caterpillar invasion that had taken over.  The trees were littered with caterpillars and they were everywhere.  Despite the heat outside, we were forced to roll up the windows in the truck so they couldn't make it inside.  It was like something out of a horror movie where people were being slowly eaten alive by millions of caterpillars.  We made our way to my mother's place and the first thing we saw was their house, completely covered by caterpillars.  My step-father was outside with the firetruck hosing off the house (he is a volunteer firefighter for the town) which seemed to be working quite well.  The pressure from the hose was not only getting rid of the caterpillars, but it was also killing them.  In no time at all he had the complete house uncovered and most of the yard cleared.  My mother stepped out of the house with a flame thrower strapped to her back and tinted goggles and with a maniacal laugh she started shooting fire at the remaining caterpillars.

If that wasn't enough, the neighbor was standing in the upstairs window of his house with some strange music playing very loudly.  I could hear the man chanting something and he would release balls of fire from his hands which were consuming groups of catepillars wherever the landed.  The chanting was a little creepy and I tried my best to not draw his attention to avoid having a spell cast at (or on) me.  The whole scene was something out of a movie.

We pulled into the yard and my mother tossed the flamethrower aside and ran over to give us all a big hug.  When I asked her what had happened here, she curtly replied that they were having a slight pest problem and they had it under control.  I glanced at the discarded flamethrower and shrugged.  The rest of the weekend was fairly uneventful.  We had a great afternoon/evening at the lake on Saturday and now we are preparing to have a big Turkey dinner today.  It has been a great relaxing weekend.


Well folks, time for me to take off for now.  Hope everyone had a great weekend!