Thursday, August 19, 2010

v39.3: What a Week

Howdy folks,

This has been a super crazy week.  I've been working quite a bit more than usual and every time I think I'm finally caught up on things, I find something I forgot about and have to play catch up all over again.  To make matters a bit worse, I was sick on Wednesday which only added to my work load today as I tried to cram two days of work into a single work day.  Ugh..


Thankfully tomorrow is Friday and I am lucky enough to be taking half a day off so I can take a trip with the family down to visit my Mother and Step-Father for the weekend.  I'm excited about leaving the city again.  I'm not sure what it is, but ever since the week of camping, I've had this strange craving to get out of the city more.  In fact, I wouldn't be opposed to leaving the city entirely.

Of course the reality of it all comes crashing down and there is just no viable way we can make it work; at least not right now.  What I really need to do is find a job that allows me to work from wherever I am rather than have an office to drive to every day.  I know there are jobs like this out there and I even have a few friends who have found such jobs and are doing very well with them.  One friend in particular has even given taken it another step and works remotely from his boat.  I'm a bit jealous :)

Of course I digress.  I have been feeling the pull to move to a small town for awhile now.  I grew up in a small town.  Of course growing up in a small town sucked as a teen, but now that I'm "older" and have a family, the small town is much more appealing.  Yes in a small town everyone knows everyone's business, but everyone knows everyone.  There is a closeness in a small town that you just won't get in a big city.

So what is the next step?  To be honest, there really isn't one right now.  We take it day by day and eventually we will get back on our feet and have the ability to make a decision like this.  Of course winning the lottery or finding a job where I can remotely will change all that very quickly :)

Well folks, like I said, it has been a hell of a week and I'm very tired.  I'm really looking forward to getting out of here for the weekend and relaxing with family.  I hope everyone has a great Friday tomorrow and a great weekend.