Tuesday, May 17, 2005

v5.2 - Live from Vacation!

Morning Folks,

Little late for getting a musing out, but what the heck. I even made the trip to the Tim Horton''s to pick up an Extra Large Double Double so I could write this.


As I mentioned last week, I MAY get around to writing this week. Part of the reason I''m writing this morning is because the WoW servers are down for their weekly maintance and I can''t seem to sleep in past 7:00am anymore. I won''t be long as I have some other things I want to get done this morning while I strive for complete relaxation :)


The weekend was excellent! I think part of the reason it went so well was due to the fact I KNEW I wasn''t going to be at work on Monday. Sunday rolled around and I felt great! I have this feeling of a great weight being lifted off my chest and it feels good. A much needed vactaion I think.


On Saturday we drove over to my Sister''s place to spend some time there. Last week was Rick''s birthday and we picked him up a model tank and a copy of WoW :) Those of you who play WoW know Fykes and it looks like he is here to stay.

We have started gathering quite a few of our friends and family into WoW. For starters, the old crew is back together (D T F) along with a bunch of friends I made in DAoC. So far, I''ve seen 8 of my friends come over to join us in WoW from DAoC and the common response is they haven''t looked back. It is a good to be with most of my friends and I hope some day we can all come together again and have a blast.


This weekend was one of the hottest weekends of the year; especially Sunday and Monday. It was so hot, in fact, I damn near burned the skin off my feet when I stepped out onto our back step (which is made of aluminum). I don''t know the exact temperature, but I''m guessing it was around 28 Celsius or 82.4 Fahrenheit. Nice day, but it also brought out something else I forgot about; our ANTS! Last year the ants nearly ruined our summer. We had ants everywhere outside and they were mean. This year, I decided to use my special powers of Google and find an answer to our problem.


Turns out, orange peeling extract is toxic to ants. This is probably why you never see ants eating at oranges because they can''t eat through the peeling. We just so happened to have a bottle of orange peeling extract lysol spray here, so we took it outside and began our experiements. To perform this same experiment you will need:

5 living ants
1 bottle of orange peel extract
1 coffee
2 children under 6
1 Lawn chair or equivalent outdoor furniture
1 Writing pad
1 #2 Pencil (sharpened)

You start off by getting in your lawn chair, putting your feet up and watching the ground. This is how you typically will aquire the 5 ants needed. Beside you is your coffee and bottle of orange peel extract. Get the two kids to run around the yard where you are sitting to attract the ants (they tend to eat children under the age of 6). Once you have aquired the 5 ants, line them up in a row. Now, depending on the type of ant, they should obey your commands under fear of death. If you don''t have the obediant kind of ants, you can just begin spraying. First off, take the first and and give it a quick shot of orange peel extract. Watch, take down a couple notes in your pad with the #2 pencil. To make things fun, count with scooby doos to keep the 2 children occupied.

1 scooby doo 2 scooby doo 3 scooby doo 4 scooby doo 5 scooby doo

ACK.. the inner child in me was mezmerized.



Ok, continue to spray each ant until all 5 are pronounced dead. Try different spray patterns (wide nozel, short nozel, no nozel) to see which is the most effective. Of course your findings will never be accurate because all ants are different and unique (like people). Therefore, Ant 1 could have a much higher tolerance to orange peel extract than say Ant 2. Granted, they are just freakin'' ants, I felt I should cover all aspects of scientific findings just incase someone important reads this.


With that done, take the pad and tear off the page you did your calculations on. Then give the pad to the 2 children and tell them they are going to play a game. That''s right folks, I''m going to teach you a NEW GAME!!!


What you need:

1 sheet of paper for every player
1 pen, pencil, bloody finger
2 dice

This game is quite simple. I don''t know what it''s called, but it is a GREAT party game. First off, the goal of the game is to write to 100. Yes, you start off by writing 1 then 2 and so on until you hit 100. However, since there is only one writing device, you will need to WIN your chance to write.

Place the pen in the center of a table. Everyone sits around the table with their paper in front of them. Pick a person to go first (either by Klingon battle KA PLA!! or rolling of the dice, makes no difference to me). Each person rolls the dice in a clockwise fashion (or counter clockwise if you live South of the equator) and the first person to roll doubles picks up the pen and starts writing. Now, the remaining people who are not writing need to race. The next person to roll doubles gets the pen and starts writing and so on and so forth. The first person to get to 100 wins the game.

Let me warn you, this game is pretty fast but a TON of fun. When choosing a pen or pencil, try to pick one without a point at the other end. When player B is wrenching the pen from player A because he/she just rolled doubles, you don''t want player A getting injured. Trust me on this one.


So there you have it gang. Some witty banter, a scientific experiment and a new game! Wow, I don''t have to write again for the rest of the week :) Of course, I still may.


And what kind of musing would this be if I didn''t give you some history to chew on?

On this day in:

1956 Bob Saget was born (you know, the dad from Full House and the witty host of America''s Funniest Videos?)

1727 Catherine I (Empress of Russia) died. On a related note, this was the first time I learned that Russia was an Empire with Emperors and Empresses)

218 Was the 7th recorded perihelion passage of Halley''s Comet.

1756 The British declares war on France.

1792 24 merchants form New York Stock Exchange.

And my personal favorite...

1845 The Rubber Band was patented



Alright gang, I need to get out of here and do some stuff today. Was great to write this morning without the dreaded "you know what" hanging over my "you know where". I feel so alive and free!!


Take care, and if I don''t see you later this week, have a great week / weekend.



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