Sunday, August 1, 2004

Some People

Gaming communities can be a great thing. Like Real Life, they can also be pretty bad.

I won’t name names, but there is this certain individual who I know in-game that I used to always consider a friend. I remember when he first started playing DAoC and he was in my old guild (Hands of God). We used to hang out together all the time and I assisted in his climb up the exp ladder to 50 on his first toon. I’ll call this guy Bro for now.

Today I was on an ML2 raid led by Sash. I felt the raid was going well, everything was in order and we managed to get from start to finish (minus solo step) in just over 2hrs. We had some difficulty getting the final encounter down, but that’s expected with the amount of lag we’ve been getting in ToA these days. During the raid, Sash went LD and as a result, BG Loot was off. I picked up a 98% qual Trident during one of the kills and was asked to give to Sash. I attempted several times to give to him, but he was always in a trade session. Then he ran off and we continued on with the raid. He said in the BG he wasn’t going to worry about loot.

People started to bicker about this and finally he said to hand the Trident to him. I went to hand it to him yet AGAIN, and he was in a trade with someone else. I tried several times and then a battle broke out (Step 9 of ML2). During the fight, the trident was forgotten about and we moved on to step 10.

After all was said and done, we decided to head back to Stygia to roll for loot. I decided to take off as nothing dropped I would be interested in and I had to get my kids ready for my daughter’s 2nd birthday party. Then over BG someone asked about the Trident and wanted to roll on it. Sash mentioned he did not have the Trident and my name came up as having it.

Everyone thought I was gone, when really I was just getting my ML2 credit finished off. Bro decided it would be best to slam me in BG and call me a Jerk (thinking I logged or was gone). After a few other “slams” from other players, I piped up in BG and told them I was still there. I ported back to Stygia and gave the Trident to Sash and went about my business.

I had totally forgotten about the stupid 98% qual RoG piece of shit, but everyone gets so bent out of shape over something so fucking stupid, it makes me want to just give up on the game.

Bro (who I thought was a friend) and I always got along and had some great times in the past. We’ve gone through some hard times and loads of good times in-game. I’m not sure when the tables turned, but it would seem I’ve offended a lot more players than just him. Since the general repsonse I received from the BG was I was unreliable and disloyal.

Perhaps it is time I move on.

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