Monday, August 17, 2015

v44.8 :: The Old & The New

Long time no see!


creative-writing-exercises-moral-dilemmasI relaunched this site back in February 2015 in hopes of getting to write more often.  Unfortunately that didn't last as long as I hoped so I started reading back through all of my Musings.  I noticed a definite trend to the frequency and content which was a little bit disturbing.  Not only did my post frequency start to dwindle, but the content of those posts was lacklustre and painful to read.

So what did I do?

I brought back all those old posts, I updated their titles to fall more in-line with the new format and I changed the "version" numbers of the posts since February to follow the old musings.  It took me the better part of two evenings to complete, but I now have all my old posts here for your reading enjoyment (or boredom :) ).  There is a lot of content here going as far back as March 2005 (that's over 10 years ago!) and I can't guarantee it will all be grand or glamorous, but it's all here; spelling, grammatical mistakes and all.


So what's next?

I could sit here and tell you I want to write more and keep the site updated on a regular basis.  I could sit here and promise you I'll be providing at least one update a day/week/month/year, but the truth is, in order for me to write I need something to write about.  The days of old where I would sit at work and write over my morning coffee are gone.  While I have access to do that, work has changed so much over the years that taking that much time out of a morning will set me behind, resulting in working later or in the evening from home.  Reading back through these posts has made one thing very clear: my job didn't suck :)


creative_writingSo what does a writer do when they have nothing to write about?  To throw a quote in here that seems fitting: "Writer's Write".
Writer's Write

I don't know who wrote it, but that's exactly what I plan on doing.  I may have nothing worthwhile to say or any deep thoughts to share, but if I write, something undoubtedly will happen.  After all, it was always my life-long dream to be a writer and have something published and I've written more unfinished partial stories than I can count.  These unfinished stories are all backed up on this site and may never see the light of day, but at least I did something and I have part of the groundwork done in the event I feel inspired to pick one of them up and finish.


So here I sit, writing on my blog that I've grown to love and hate many times over the years.  Perhaps this time it will be different and I'll get off my lazy ass and do something; or perhaps not.  Either way, I'm here today writing for the whole world to see and hopefully soon (maybe even tomorrow) I will feel inspired to write something again.  Until next time, I thank those who took the time to read over the years and I'm grateful for the encouragement.