Monday, April 11, 2011

v41.9: Roll Up the Starbucks

Howdy folks,


Apparently while I wasn't looking, the Roll up the Rim contest has come to a conclusion.  Imagine my disappointment when I got a coffee yesterday and I was handed a standard brown cup.  Of course that doesn't mean there are not Roll Up cups out there in Timmy town, just the Tim Horton's I frequent.


This year I barely drank any coffee in comparison to previous years.  In fact, I believe I drank 60% less coffee than previous years, which is saying something since:

  1. This is a Blog about musing over coffee

  2. I'm a huge coffee fan

  3. I like coffee

Perhaps it has something to do with the broken driver's side window motor in my truck and the other personal issues I've been dealing with these past few months.  I'll be honest here, my coffee "tastes" have drastically changed recently.  In fact, I'm finding Tim Horton's coffee to be a little on the weak side now and I almost prefer to drink (GASP) Starbucks coffee.  I know, many of you are probably as floored as I am about it, but recently I've been drinking (GASP) Starbucks coffee.  I've even picked up a French Press which I use to make my own Starbucks coffee here at home.  It is something a little foreign to me since I've never been really picky about my coffee and I've always been a huge hater of Starbucks.


Of course that doesn't mean I won't stop by and have a Timmy's every once in awhile; in fact I had a Large Timmy's today.  I don't know what changed, but coffee has taken on new meaning lately and I foresee some interesting musings in the future.  In fact, I may go to an actual Starbucks sometime and write a musing from there.  What a grand idea!

I just need to take baby steps with it, there is no hurry to rush off to the nearest Starbucks and start trying to fit in.  I start off with buying their coffee and slowly work my way into the Starbucks club.  Eventually I will be accepted by them and they will welcome me in as their own.  Then, and only then, will I be worthy to sit in their coffee shops and use their free WiFi to Blog about being there and using their free WiFi.




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  1. Starbucks ??? A French Press ??? Who are you and what have you done with my son ??? Wow.. interesting stuff. My first ( and only ) experience with a French press was at the cottage with cousin Brian. He uses one for his coffee. Amazing. I see Starbucks makes Tcups for my Tassimo.. perhaps I'll have to check them out. Interesting.. hmmmmm
    Glad to see you back musing.
    Love you