Wednesday, February 23, 2011

v41.4: The Truck

Morning folks,


It's hump day!  At least for those of us who typically work a Monday to Friday work week.  For those of you who don't, this is Wednesday to you and could be the start of your work week or the end.  Either way, Happy Wednesday.

Last week I took a drive up to New Brunswick to visit my father and to buy a new vehicle for the family.  My family has grown a bit over the past couple years and there is no way a standard 5 passenger vehicle is going to cut it any longer.  We got by for a few months after the baby was born last year, but it is starting to take its toll on us and we needed to get something a bit larger.  Originally I had driven up to visit my father to buy a mini-van, but after arriving at the car dealership, I was surprised to see they had no mini-vans in stock.  I was a little distraught by this as I was really looking forward to getting a vehicle that day.  I did, after all, drive all the way up there to get one.


After looking at the few vehicles at the dealership (which also happened to be a full service garage), I finally found the one I wanted.  Normally I wouldn't look twice at a vehicle like this because they are typically very expensive.  Fortunately for us, this vehicle is a few years older than I was looking for and it was going for a great price.  It is a 2003 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer edition.  This truck is fully loaded (and I mean fully loaded) and seats 8 people very comfortably.  In fact, the middle row has 3 seats and we can easily put the two car seats  there with lots of room for a 3rd person without begin squished.  In the old Matrix we had, two car seats took up most of the back seat with a small spot for my 8 year old daughter to sit; and she was squished.  Needless to say, this vehicle will serve its purpose and there is more than enough room to take everyone out at the same time and do whatever we need to do.  The one downside is the size of the engine and how much gas it consumes.  With the prices of gas being so high right now, it is a pain in the ass when it comes time to fill it up.  Oh well, the price we pay for the convience of having a vehicle that will seat at least 6.


Well folks, it is time to do some work.  This week promises to be as busy as previous weeks and while it is only Wednesday, it feels like it should be Friday for me.  I hope everyone has a great day and hopefully I will get a chance to post again tomorrow.