Friday, September 11, 2009

v30.2: Break from Breaking Free

Good morning folks,


Work has been quite busy this week and I've had very little time to think about Musing.  This week, tough a short work week, has brought many new and old challenges and as a result my mind has not been on musing, but it has been on writing.


writingThough busy this week, I was able to take a step in the right direction toward writing.  I've signed up to an online collaboration site where I can begin to write articles and exercise my writing skills; while at the same time provide some much needed help to my fellow man.  This is my "foot in the door" so-to-speak and I'm really looking forward to being contributing.


Where is this magical place I speak of?  As of this week I am officially a member of the eHow community, and while it is free to sign-up and get started, it isn't easy coming up with a unique "How to..." for people.  I have a lot of ideas I'd like to publish there but I need to sort things out and ensure my delivery is clean and well structured.  If you're a resident of the United States, you can even earn cash when you write for eHow, but only if you have a good "How to...".


This where you come in.  I'm looking for some ideas and suggestions for my first posts to the eHow community.  I'm working on a much larger project which consists of a list of "To-Dos" that need to happen first.  My first goal is to have my writing published somewhere other than here.  You see, anyone can run a blog and call their work "published"; god knows my friend Gnomie does it :)  I need to have something a little more "official" in my pocket which will help me later down the road.


hotairballoonsAnyway folks, I need to run and get some work done.  We plan on heading out of town this weekend to see some Hot Air Balloons and visit with family.  Hopefully the weather is good for it.  The last year we went to the Balloon Fiesta in my home town it ended up being too windy and the Balloonists were hesitant to do any flying.  This year there is going to be an impressive lineup of Balloons to see including the Peanut guy from Planter's.  I can't wait.



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  1. I think you had a PERFECT ehow topic with your previous musing on how to keep your grocery list to just the list & where to look for all the deals :) That was a pretty good one in my opinion :) Don't have many more ideas than that.. but I will think up some good ones for ya! Good for you for getting your foot in the door!! :D