Friday, May 16, 2003

Rant & Coffee

Nobody tosses a Dwarf!
- Gimli
Ranting.. ever wonder why people bother? For me, it's a way to "release" some built up frustration and vexation.

Life can be hard. I think the quote "Life is what you make of it" pretty much sums it up accurately. Given that, the hard.times we face could be directly related to the way WE run it. Lately, I have been going through such hard.times. There are some issues in my own life that I need to "work out" internally. I think my first goal, will be to quit filling my lungs with toxic smoke. Not only is this an unhealthy decision I've made, but these days, it's a very costly one. Since you can rarely find a pack of smokes for less than $10, the financial strain can be quite a burden.

But enough about that :)

I spent the last couple days going through the old coffee musings that my friend Drew made back in 1999. Those musings are funny, and I encourage those who haven't had a chance yet, to visit the site. My superhero name is Mini Wheat :) Yesterday, I was chatting with Ivan here at work, and mentioned how much I wish Drew would start them up again. I'm sure he's quite busy with work and life at the moment. Who knows, maybe I'll start something like that up. God knows I have some great examples on how to write them :)

Anyway folks, work beckons. Today is the Friday before the long weekend, and I have no real plans. It's supposed to rain all weekend :)


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